Carry brilliance and complete transactions in a small, portable, handheld device - the VX 680. Merchants on the move, from delivery services and stadium vendors to restaurant pay-at-the-table service providers can process on-the-spot transactions with minimal consumer waiting time.



The VX 680 boasts a powerful processor for ultimate processing speed. Merchants using the VX 680 keep lines moving so consumers don't have to wait.  Comes with a 3.5" touch display of vibrant color and backed by the VX Evolution platform.

VeriFone’s VX 680 3G is equipped with HSPA+ 3G, making it one of the fastest portable, handheld payment devices on the market today. The increased speed allows merchants to download apps and software upgrades quickly. With 3G, devices will have a large enough bandwidth to download colorful graphics, pictures and videos quickly onto the POS display, enhancing the user experience. If you choose to add GPS, you can track your fleet of devices in the field or place territory limitations, giving you peace of mind. The VX 680 3G is the way to go to maximize performance and power up your business potential.

Ideal for:

  • Salons

  • Food Trucks

  • Seasonal Stands

  • Convenience Stores

Things to Know:

  • PCI 3 Approved

  • EMV Certified

> 200 MHz, 32-bit ARM9 processor for exceptionally fast processing

> 12 MB of memory allows for VAP Partners such as

      prepaid services, gift card, and loyalty

> Faster printer Prints 18 lines per second

> Optional larger paper door for paper roll that is 40% larger than standard roll

> Modular design provides for cost efficient upgrades and enhancements

> USB Flash memory drive enables lightning fast secure downloads and updates

> Intuitive ATM-style interface, bold menu prompts and ergonomic keys minimize training and reduce clerk errors

> Internal PIN pad supports debit and other PIN-based applications

> Vertical, triple-track card reader improves read rates

> Wall mounts and accessories available

New GPRS 192M EMV 


2 1/4" 60ft  Paper 

6 Pack

12 Pack

24 Rolls

50 Rolls