Point of Sale Systems


Point of Sale systems have come along way since they were introduced. With state of the art technology, POS systems are becoming more evolved, advanced and affordable. Point of Sales System with CreditCardTerminal.com can offer some equipment rewards for any Merchant.


Rental - Short and Long term

Buy Back Program

POS Equipment Trade Ins

90 Day Trial

1 Year Equipment Guarantee or Lifetime Replacement


Here is the POS system we can recommend. 

There are tons of POS systems available in today's market.  Credit Card Terminal is one of the largest equipment resellers in the US.  Give us a call and let us help you with your POS system or terminal needs.  We are here to educate you not sell you any POS system.  We are here to help with your needs and supply the best POS system suited to you. Call us Today 1-877-295-6789.