This comprehensive device accepts PIN and signature debit cards, all 

major credit cards, gift and EBT cards, and STAR® Network transactions.* 

Customers can insert their chip card into the EMV card reader, tap their 

contactless card, or swipe a traditional card through the magnetic card 

reader – all without relinquishing control of their card. 

In addition, the FD35 device enables mobile phone payments that help 

merchants drive loyalty and repeat business by generating and redeeming 

special offers. 


User-friendly Features

The FD35 device features an ergonomic keypad, visual display prompts, 

and lights and audio cues, which simplify the payment process. It’s an ideal 

solution for merchants who need to handle a high volume of small-ticket 

transactions and wish to be ready for future security guidelines.

Ideal for:

  • Retail

  • Convenience Stores

  • Retail Stores

Things to Know:

  • PCI Approved

  • Contactless

  • EMV Certified

New $137.95