FD 200

3 1/8" 110ft  Paper 

24 Rolls

12 Pack

50 Rolls

6 Pack

Ideal for:

  • Retail

  • Convenience Stores

  • Retail Stores

Things to Know:

  • PCI Approved

The First Data FD200 Encrypted NAB only, terminal is designed to virtually eliminate the need to use several devices to process different forms of payment. 
Through an optional WiFi, Internet protocol (IP) or dial-up communication, the First Data FD200 quickly and securely processes transactions. Featuring an advanced, built-in check reader/imager to support TeleCheck® ECA® and lockbox services, the First Data FD200 is an all-in-one payment processor that includes all necessary warranty and verification options. TeleCheck® services help reduce the risk of accepting paper checks and save time by eliminating the need to physically take checks to the bank for deposit and processing.